Promotion January 12-26, 2022

FSC "Cossack Key" leads up the evolutionary ladder, revivives the meaning of life, improves the body's resistance to infections
• Drive polarization from Kazachy Klyuch spring (Kamchatka, on the foot of red hill) registered on CFS “Cossack Key”.
• water structuring time - 15 minutes.

FSC “Seidozero. Arctida" let me restore a healthy energy system, we can serve as an alternative "energy" for the human energy system
• Polarization of water in Seidozero є registered at FSC (state complex of natural resources in Seidyavvr (Seidyavr), Lovozero tundra, Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region).
• water structuring time - 18 lengths.

FSC Cossack Key and Seidozero. • maintain immunity during difficult times, improve body 'resistance to infections, prevent and correct emerging health issues
• so that mothers can use alternative energy on their mobile phones to actively support their energy status in any period of life
• learn to intuitively feel danger, empty arbiter and lei, identify a bad atmosphere help people and other people in society
• activity and strong post vision and feeling, adjust them as new, very necessary and permanente parameters of the soul

FSC with 8 elements "Cossack key" and "seidozero. arctida” • exclusive during the January promotion period 12-26.01.2022
• less than 1000 pieces of each item!